IV Cups ‘Luxury’ Shadowed: XVIII The Moon

Numerically IV Cups is 44 and The Moon is 18 = 4+4+1+8=17=1+7=8

Numerical Focus Number today is Eight: Karma, luck, fortunes, power, infinite, focused, strength, material abundance, leadership, and divinely guided.

Two weeks to the day, the exact same cards in reverse order for the daily drawn Tarot: previously XVIII The Moon shadowed by IV Cups, and today of course we have IV Cups shadowed by XVIII The Moon…

Four of Cups (4C) is a card I already have difficulty interpreting, and clearly I missed the message and/or meaning of this card a fortnight ago, so must explore further possibilities. Due to absoluteness of negativity in the pictured 4C man’s’ posture, and overall droopy, lazy stagnation also portrayed, I’ve adopted 4C as a negator card within my readings. The figure of the man in the card (RWS) refuses to cooperate completely, his poker face offers no clue for me as the Tarot reader about the reasoning for his current obstinate stagnation (4C is current, it shows what is happening now, in real time). He refuses the Offering of the fourth cup from the Heavens, his entire manner is ‘closed’, and we have no idea why, or what the fellow is thinking, as his facial expression is indiscernible and neutral (4C man is facing us, not turned away, however this is not helpful) . I have heard the young man in this card described as ‘bored’ and/or ‘disgusted’, and he may well be, however, I personally cannot see evidence in support of that in this RWS image here today.

The genuine celebration found in the Three of Cups may be the highest level of happiness and/or ‘belonging’, this figure in the Four of Cups has ever experienced, and this may be why we find him stubbornly satiated with his three cups, petulantly refusing to move on spiritually and emotionally, choosing not to budge (parked under a tree) and in denial of his own stagnance. This refusal to ‘level-up’ and receive further Love (the Fourth Cup from the Divine) is cowardly, and decided out of fear of the unknown (The Moon our Shadow card today). Petulant Peter Pan complex and bratty childishness does come to mind…

I’ve often heard Four of Cups (4C) referred to as the ‘drinking’ card, associated with excessive partying, over indulgence, boredom and inebriation, but haven’t connected any of that previously with the RWS 4C lazy scene, where nothing much seems to be going on at all. The Four of Cups refusal of present day, and his current reality, that includes gifts laden with potential for growth and experiencing new states of being, implies that this figure is still back in the Three of Cups (3C) ‘party in full swing’ mode, and obstinately refusing to move at all. Additionally, this may explain why the 4C male is seated alone now under the tree, as the party is now over and the all the guests have gone home.

XVIII The Moon would represent the unknown and fears in this context of the Four of Cups above. The Moon acting as a mirror to the 4C reasoning for refusal of Divine Gifting ensures he will remain stuck if he attempts manifesting from this current fear base (4C Minor Arcana is an echo of Major Arcana The Moon ). His fears will become his reality.  An individual stuck in the Karmic cycle of Three of Cups partying and social lubrication, are certainly not facing their personal fears, will not be exploring their subconscious, nor facing their inner demons in the pursuit of personal growth and inner wisdom. Basically, until we completely know ourselves, then accept ourselves (warts and all), can we then give ourselves the Love and Respect we deserve individually, thus nurturing ourselves from within, we can then in-turn Love others maturely and unconditionally.

Another consideration for the refusal of the fourth cup in this 4C card may be that the figure feels remorse, guilt, or unworthy of this Offering from the Heavens. He may be stuck in painful reflection, unable to move forward until forgiveness and healing occurs (mental illness and lunacy commonly associated with today’s Shadow card, The Moon) . The Three of Cups (3C) is infamously known as the ‘party card’, and the lavish behaviours found within this card traverse ALL areas of partying fun and good times. The 3C being liberally inclusive, and wonderfully open to all concepts of fun. The 4C refers to the Moon in Cancer, which is her own house; but Cancer implies a certain weakness in this placement, an abandonment to desire. This introduces the seeds of decay into the fruits of pleasure. The original purity of the conception enjoyed in the 3C has been lost. Success or pleasure, possibly debauchery of 3C (third party implications with number 3’s) approaching their end, becoming stationary with some drawbacks to pleasure implied.

Finally, the negative figure of 4C may be refusing all Blessings because his carefully constructed mask of Ego has anchored him, stagnating him in the material realm. He is totally self absorbed, and ignorantly unaware of his esoteric surroundings. Unfortunately, when this 4C is shadowed by our Moon’s glow here today, 4C may well be sitting obliviously for a long time to come, as time is an illusion in the XVIII The Moon’s eternal midnight hour.

Original post from *Friday 9 August 2019* below:

“And now my beauties, something with poison in it I think, with poison in it, but attractive to the eye and soothing to the smell . . . poppiespoppiespoppies will put them to sleep.” —The Wicked Witch of the West, The Wizard of Oz (movie, released 1939)

Goodness, what a heady mix! I’m already drowsed. The Moons power is tripled (sort of) with our shadow card Four of Cups here today (4C Moon in Cancer). All manner of unknowns are being refused here today, perhaps if this this rejection is made out of fear, leaves the querent still fearing fear itself. This hazy refusal of reality, which is indeed the scariest unknown of all, is all powered, triple distilled, and doused in lunacy today. No matter the cause for the delerium (lack of sleep, worries, anxieties, alcohol, days long bender etc), the fog it induces is unmanageable.

The refusal shown in our Shadow card 4C is appropriate for consideration today, perhaps best wait for the collective fog to lift, prior to decision making today. This watery recommendation applies in any/all areas, but especially consider situations today, when we do not have all the facts, or information at-hand is murky at best. With our Moon card today, all matters to do with romance, or fear inducing decisions being asked of you should be avoided, in fact should be flatly refused (as recommended in our 4C shadow card).

Crowley’s Thoth deck refers to The Moon, and Piscean associated backwaters, as ‘Gateway(s) of Resurrection’  and is aligned with midnight. Midnight being the only neutral amongst the enormous real-time mania, swinging from extreme to extreme, highest to lowest and back again. Midnight referees fairly, giving either equal sway, but not in real time (4 of Cups). The 4C is extremely out of place beside the Moon (everything is extreme in the Moon’s realm), considering time has no power or existance here, it might also explain the ‘being stuck’ message associated with this card. The absolute refusal of what is being offered in this card, could be motivated by absolute terror when found beside The Moon. The cross-legged and distracted fellow we can see in this card (RWS) not only looks mighty uncomfortable, possibly this figure is actually paralysed by fear, and unable to extend his hand and accept that 4th Cup being offered.

Many decks associate the Moon card with evil, the shadiest among shady, backyard/backroom/backwater, together with all sorts of perversions, mental illness, madness and lunacy, deceit, lies and falsehoods etc So I’m sure it’s hardly shocking when I advise all that this is one of my favourite cards! The Moon represents our subconscious, and must be explored, as it reflects our light from Earth’s essential life-giving force/planet: The Sun. XVIII The Moon and XIX The Sun must be in harmony for our personal inner peace and spiritual well-being and growth.

Only those that self-deceive, are unable to trust, avoid truth, actually fear truth and their own lies, fear themselves, and fear the unknown, then in-turn, fear this glorious card, and the wonders it may unveil, XVIII The Moon.

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