Tarot Numerology

Numerology in Tarot is important for Tarot grouping, recurring numbers, and number sequences, pointing you to the heart of the matters in readings. Many years ago, I decided upon a numbering system based on Sacred Texts, that numbered from the King of a suit downwards to the Ace, with the Major Arcana first, followed by Wands, Cups, Swords and lastly Pentacles.

This numbering system recently crumbled, as I realised the importance of Uranus or God as being 0 and outside of ourselves (the beginning), and Uranus (God) being within Man as number 22 additionally, 22 being the Master Builder number (also referred to as the Holy Spirit in Christianity) and 22 is the number of Major Arcana cards within the 78-cards of the Tarot deck. Additionally, the Aces were not holding their rightful place of power at the bottom of the suit in this old system, and needed to be placed beneath the Court Cards in order for the potential of the suit, resting within the Ace to be harnessed.

I really didn’t like changing my numbering system, and thoroughly explored all possibilities, mostly all information that would allow me to hang onto my old system. We know the Truth when we see/hear/know it, so I really shouldn’t have resisted changing my numbering system for so long. So this was a great reminder for me to always be updating my views as new information comes to hand. My worry was with regard to past readings, did this void the numerology of all my past readings? I think the answer is no here, as Tarot will make it’s point heard in many ways, so hopefully my dodgy numbering system of old, didn’t interfere with the message that needed to be heard at that point in time.

So with my new, and correct numbering now being practiced, I can move onward with this Online Tarot-Diary website of My Random Tarot Musings.

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