General Readings

General Tarot Readings

Energetic snapshots reflecting current influences and guidance for the week ahead (7-days)

0 The Fool + X Wands + XIX The Sun ~ Shadowed: Knight Pentacles
0 The Fool + III Wands + XII The Hanged Man ~ Shadowed: King Pentacles

VII Pentacles + IV Wands + 0 The Fool ~ Shadowed: XX Judgement (Jumper: II Pentacles)
‘Sea of Love’ Inspires Frequency Recalibration ‘Daily Energies’ General Tarot Reading Thursday 18 Feb 2021 (
Ace Wands + Ace Cups + IX Cups Shadowed: IV Cups

Incoming Sharp Communication ‘Daily Energies’ General Tarot Reading Wednesday 17 February 2021
IX Wands + Page Swords + VIII Wands + Shadowed: VII Swords

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