Self Decoding our Dreams & the Fable of Time ~ Lost Dream Diary Chitchat

Delightedly, I recently stumbled upon an old dream diary, sparking many musings and reaffirming intuitive and spiritual notions of past.

Time holds no authority within my dreams (an external imposed and linear construct).

Past, present, and future all converge in dreaming, concentrating odd combinations of misplaced emotion with random events involving ridiculous capers (those forgotten and more yet-to-be) from all over my complete memory spectrum of this locked 3D linear timeline plus beyond, becoming all wholly one within my dreams.

V The Hierophant | Arbonne Make-up ‘Classes’ of Evil ~ Insomnia Rant | Sage Tarot Discussion

Make-up company’s’ bullying sales regime and ‘classes’ reminded me of The Hierophant Tarot card, reflecting the expected societal ‘mask’ that we have all felt obliged to wear before the world (or shamed into wearing) at sometime.

Arbonne Oval Face Ideal:
“when you look at your face in the mirror, you need to decide what to conceal.”