Walk through the Door to A Potential Whole New Life | III Empress (Venus) | Weekly Tarot | 21 July 2021

Sage Weekly Tarot ReadingV Swords + IV Wands + Page Pentacles ~ Shadowed: III EmpressGolden Art Nouveau Tarot deck Personal Readings: https://www.sagetarot.org/contact/Sage Tarot appreciation Tip Jar: https://www.paypal.me/KimothyIrelandTarotSage Tarot Website: https://www.sagetarot.org Esoteric discussion safe space. Blessings ❤K Little Legs Dog and Cat Rescue Qld Inchttps://www.llsqld.com.auThis cause is very close to my heart ❤ They rescue ALL […]

“I Think, Therefore I Am” Creating Our New Reality | Weekly Reading | 28th June

IV Cups + VI Lovers + Ace Pentacles ~ Shadowed: Page Swords

VI Lovers – Gemini/Mercury (Air)
“Our thoughts dictate our reality”

When we nourish, respect and know ourselves wholly, our connection with divinity strengthens. This Mind, Body, Spirit alignment means we have the confidence creating a new soul fulfilling reality when making important life decisions.

Belief Attachment Weakens Self (Devil + Strength) | Soul Retrieval + Truth | Weekly Reading Chitchat

Attachment to imposed belief systems dictating the terms of what is considered a “successful life” causes us to repress parts of ourselves those belief systems have deemed ‘bad’, thus weakening our personal power and capacity for achieving emotional satisfaction here on Earth.

Chitchat Weekly Reading 7 June 2021

All Major Arcana (Spiritual growth and lessons + Divine Connection and guidance)

XV The Devil + XVII The Star + 0 The Fool ~ Shadowed: VIII Strength
Tarot Wonderland deck