V The Hierophant | Arbonne Make-up ‘Classes’ of Evil ~ Insomnia Rant | Sage Tarot Discussion

Make-up company’s’ bullying sales regime and ‘classes’ reminded me of The Hierophant Tarot card – reflecting upon the expected societal ‘mask’ we al feel, or havel felt obliged to wear, before the world at sometime (or shamed into wearing) .

Arbonne Oval Face Ideal and Training:
“when you look at your face in the mirror,, you must decide what you need to conceal.”

IV Swords ‘Truce’ Meditation and The Akashic Records

Would you invite a known burglar into your home? Would you then leave this thief unattended while within your home?

So why then do we allow insidiously negative thoughts make themselves so comfortably-at-home within the most precious of earthly sanctuaries; the sanctuary of our very own minds?

These intrusive thought nasty’s needlessly consume all our energy spreading further evil. leaving us exhausted and feeling powerless, robbing us of all joy and happiness we ALL rightfully should enjoy.

The power to choose positivity is an authority within each one us. Choose wisely.