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  • Sage Morsels: Wonderland Tarot Tin Reviewed
    My final opinion of Wonderland Tarot, and upon long review; it inspires frivolity and challenges all things serious, while inviting many questions. In fact, Tarot Wonderland reminds us to ask, one of the most important questions of all, and one we should all be asking ourselves more often; “when did you last stand on your head?”
  • The Venusian Dream None Love Awaken
    The Venusian Dream “I’ll share my smile with you, but not my heart.” Plus various Venus Tarot examples.
  • JUSTICE + SUN | Freedom in Balance | Cut Out the Crap! Vitality & Healing in 2022 | Tarot Reading
    VI Wands + XI Justice + VIII Swords Shadowed: XIX The Sun Cleanly cut-off all connections, complications and hurdles, within your current life, that do not with align with, nor serve, YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE. Your inherent right of emotional satisfaction and contentment within self, here within this earthly life, are what is at stake.
  • Walk through the Door to A Potential Whole New Life | III Empress (Venus) | Weekly Tarot | 21 July 2021
    V Swords + IV Wands + Page Pentacles ~ Shadowed: III Empress Golden Art Nouveau Tarot deck
  • VIII Cups (Pisces) Soul Detour | Mental Discipline + Simple Pleasures | Weekly Reading | 5 July 2021
    Weekly Sage Tarot Reading [timeless] VIII Swords + IV Swords + VI Cups ~ Shadowed: VIII Cups Rider Waite Smith deck
  • “I Think, Therefore I Am” Creating Our New Reality | Weekly Reading | 28th June
    IV Cups + VI Lovers + Ace Pentacles ~ Shadowed: Page Swords VI Lovers – Gemini/Mercury (Air) “Our thoughts dictate our reality” When we nourish, respect and know ourselves wholly, our connection with divinity strengthens. This Mind, Body, Spirit alignment means we have the confidence creating a new soul fulfilling reality when making important life decisions.
  • Angels Trumpet Spiritual Refresh + XVIII Moon Aligns Past Life Soul Connections | Weekly Reading | 14 June 2021
    Sage Tarot Weekly Reading XIII Death + Ace Pentacles + XX Judgement ~ Shadowed: II Swords Lo Scarabeo Tarot (standard deck)
  • Belief Attachment Weakens Self (Devil + Strength) | Soul Retrieval + Truth | Weekly Reading Chitchat
    Attachment to imposed belief systems dictating the terms of what is considered a “successful life” causes us to repress parts of ourselves those belief systems have deemed ‘bad’, thus weakening our personal power and capacity for achieving emotional satisfaction here on Earth. Chitchat Weekly Reading 7 June 2021 All Major Arcana (Spiritual growth and lessons + Divine Connection and guidance) XV The Devil + XVII The Star + 0 The Fool ~ Shadowed: VIII Strength Tarot Wonderland deck
  • Powerful Divine Healing + Strength in Vulnerability | Weekly Reading | 7 June 2021
    All Major Arcana’s within this Early June reading, with XVII The Star (Aquarius/Uranus) rightfully taking centre stage. Her central place of power is only emphasised by Earth and Divinity that surround this healing heavenly conduit within this spread. XV The Devil + XVII The Star + 0 The Fool ~ Shadowed: VIII Strength
  • XIX The World’s Success Brings Change | Weekly Reading | 10 May 2021
    XIX The World heralds recognised success and graduation to the next level. III Wands + IV Swords + XIX The World ~ Shadowed: IX Wands Gilded Tarot deck
  • Eternal Dance of Sun + Moon | Weekly Reading | 3 May 2021
    XIV Temperance “The Daughter of the Reconcilers and the Bringer-Forth of Life” the spiritualization of the result of the Great Work. King of Wands + VIII Pentacles + XIV Temperance ~ Shadowed: VI Cups (Flyer: Queen of Wands) Gilded Tarot deck
  • V The Hierophant ‘Magus of the Eternal’ (Taurus/Venus) | Sage Tarot Discussion
    The many faces, and confusion of the V The Hierophant Tarot card discussion. The colour red (number five and Mars), the keys front and centre (to knowledge), the two focused acolytes obediently kneeling at the Pope’s feet (hierarchy), and the gatekeeper Pope high above them upon his throne with his crown and most serious countenance, are noteworthy elements within this RWS deck image interpretation of the Major Arcana Tarot card of V The Hierophant.
  • Caution Fire! Harness Divine Energies Wisely | Weekly Reading | 19 April 2021
    III Empress + II Wands + Ace Wands ~ Shadowed: Knight Swords (Prince)
  • Success Promised Investing in Yourself! | Weekly Reading | 12 April 2021
    IX Hermit + 0 Fool + VIII Swords ~ Shadowed: Ace Pentacles The Aces of the Tarot Minor Arcana are the seeds of their respective suit, and are packed with enormous potential, when harvested carefully and correctly. Success is promised this week, we can become our own reward, when we take the time to properly invest in ourselves.
  • Too good to be true? The Moon fogs our sight and clouds our minds | Weekly Reading | 29 March 2021
    Too good to be true? XVIII The Moon card says probably so, creating a fog over the reading, clouding our sight and our minds, and with the VII Swords in the mix, this ‘fog’ is most likely purposeful. Proceed with caution this week, and trust only in yourself VII The Chariot. XVIII The Moon + IV Wands + VII Swords ~ Shadowed: VII The Chariot
  • V The Hierophant | Arbonne Make-up ‘Classes’ of Evil ~ Insomnia Rant | Sage Tarot Discussion
    Make-up company’s’ bullying sales regime and ‘classes’ reminded me of The Hierophant Tarot card – reflecting upon the expected societal ‘mask’ we al feel, or havel felt obliged to wear, before the world at sometime (or shamed into wearing) . Arbonne Oval Face Ideal and Training: “when you look at your face in the mirror,, you must decide what you need to conceal.”
  • Stay Focused! New Direction Steadily Successful | Weekly Reading | 15 March 2021
    Stay focused, loyal and patient to the new direction you’ve chosen. The promise of future success awaits! 0 The Fool + X Wands + XIX The Sun ~ Shadowed: Knight Pentacles
  • Learning to Trust Yourself Again | General Reading | 8 March 2021
    Learning to Trust Yourself Again 0 The Fool + III Wands + XII The Hanged Man ~ Shadowed: Queen Pentacles
  • Divine Messages Incoming + Gratitude | General Reading | Weekend 6 + 7 March 2021
    Divine Messages Incoming + Gratitude VII Pentacles + IV Wands + 0 The Fool + II Pentacles (flyer card) ~ Shadowed: XX Judgement
  • XVI The Tower ‘Destructive Creation’ | Spiritual Sage Tarot Discussion
    XVI The Tower ruled by both Aries and Scorpio, is a clear ‘course correction’ card and signals not being on your correct path. I see the Tower as being extremely merciful, showing the magnificence of God’s mercy by forcing us to “pull our heads in” and see Truth. The severity of XVI Tower’s effects within our lives, seems to directly correspond with each’s own level of self-awareness, and exactly how far from Truth we have strayed…. Fire being potentially devastatingly destructive (Mars), or can purify being wholly cleansing (Pluto), with lessons to be learnt either side of the primal powers of Fire.
  • Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Sagittarius (Mars Mercury Neptune) | Ambitious Strategising *deception* | Monday 14 December 2020
    Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Sagittarius (Mars Mercury Neptune)
  • ~ FREEDOM ~
    We Want as we are told. Our Success is measured in accumulated wants. Authority ensure our happiness of course.
  • V of Wands (Saturn in Leo) | Insidiously Destructive Fire Fueled Jealousy
    I am unable to change others, and it is not my responsibility to “Change the World”. The best method within my power, to inspire and promote positive change, within individuals and the world alike, is in my living example of the qualities of character I value, practising both kindness and respect within all areas of my life daily.
  • XIV Temperance (Sagittarius) ‘The Alchemy of Humanity’s Water & Wine’
    XIV Temperance Major Arcana is a transformative alchemical card. Medieval alchemy was fundamentally concerned in transformation of the essence of things, usually from something base to something refined. The most obvious example is the attempt to turn lead into gold, but more broadly, alchemy can be understood as the attempt to purify and refine, not only with physical objects, but also esoterically and with the human soul itself. Spiritually then, the alchemy of XIV Temperance concerns the transformation of the soul in this manner, specifically about taking parts of the soul and concentrating them into something wholly refined and beautifully unique.
  • VII Cups ‘Victory in Emotion’ Manifestation via Fantasy of Feelings
    VII Cups is a very important card. The unique emotional power of fantasy found within Seven of Cups, when aligned in Truth with Source/God, I’ve deemed as one of the three essential ingredients to be harnessed in the alchemy of manifestation. Experiencing VII Cups feelings, and knowing the joy that will be yours again, once your fantasised hopes and earnest desires become realised materially in the physical realm is vital. The emotional intensity enjoyed via visualisations, imagination, and fantasy found in the 7C seems to be the much sought after missing ‘key” (being pre-imagined emotional fulfilment) which bridges the enormous divide between intention/desire and actual material manifestation. VII of Cups encourages us all to invest in our imaginations wisely in this way, and for this important purpose. [post requires update and completion]
  • IV Swords ‘Truce’ Meditation and The Akashic Records
    Would you invite a known burglar into your home? Would you then leave this thief unattended while within your home? So why then do we allow insidiously negative thoughts make themselves so comfortably-at-home within the most precious of earthly sanctuaries; the sanctuary of our very own minds? These intrusive thought nasty’s needlessly consume all our energy spreading further evil. leaving us exhausted and feeling powerless, robbing us of all joy and happiness we ALL rightfully should enjoy. The power to choose positivity is an authority within each one us. Choose wisely.
  • Page of Swords + IV Wands ‘Completion’
    Phrases to consider with Page of Swords + IV Wands + Shadow: X Wands: “Excitedly speaking of intensely deep spiritual awakening” Page of Swords is aligned correctly (PoS + 4W + 10W = Earth+Air+Fire+Air+Earth+Fire these three cards at their most positive interpretations could create trinity of perfection, which is reinforced by our social and inclusive Focus Number three (3) here today), his clarity of thought, truth, and ideas are manifested with their purity intact.
  • III The Empress (Venus)
    III Empress shadowed by King of Swords: the two of these cards together is about the integration and nurturing of the two energies, closing the gap between the Yin and the Yang, the combination creating a whole and becoming complete (our focus number nine). These two cards together combine emotional, physical, and intellectual. The female beauty who speaks truth plainly commands both respect and admiration. The Judge in a legal dispute is both discerning and understanding in his balanced and fair rulings.
  • VI The Lovers (Gemini)
    Major Arcana VI The Lovers certainly sounds romantic doesn’t it? It must be about romance, it has the word ‘Lovers’ in the title of the card! Alas, I’ve never found anything remotely romantic to be found in this card historically in my readings, although many other readers have, and do treat this card as THE romantic catalyst card. Most often VI The Lovers is a connector card, or reads as a ‘connection’ between an array of possible partnerships. We have partnerships in celebration today, possibly Divinely inspired happy get-together’s with our Angel overseeing all in the VI The Lovers card. Basically both teams involved in the celebration with these two cards today, are all genuinely enjoying in each others happiness.
  • VI Wands ‘Victory’
    This card is all about winning at any cost and involves the game players, cheaters, pretenders, controllers, frenemies and energy vampires we all have to interact within our lives. 6W is associated with propaganda, self-interest, hidden agendas, using other people and their resources for self benefit, and most often is my red flag card signifying ‘bullshit’ or ‘narcissist’ if 6W is representing a person.
  • XIX The Sun + I The Magician Shadowed: VII Pentacles ‘Failure’
    “Right place, at the right time, with the best attitude” for today. Will the Sun illuminate some trickery, or reveal some deliberately concealed Truths today? 7P says all will come to light ‘eventually’, the importance of matters that occur today, may not be realised until a later time. XIX The Sun + I The Magician & Shadow Card: VII Pentacles ‘Failure’ (RWS) Bide your time… Success not instant will feel like failure, patience and thoroughness is required. So together these two cards talk about goodness manifesting, determined to find truth, will and determination to be good, speaking your truth freely, acting out of goodness etc or the flip side maybe the big kid who’s a fast talker, or acting impulsively and/or childishly.
  • IV Cups ‘Luxury’ Shadowed: XVIII The Moon
    I’ve often heard Four of Cups (4C) referred to as the ‘drinking’ card, associated with excessive partying, over indulgence, boredom and inebriation, but haven’t connected any of that previously with the RWS 4C lazy scene, where nothing much seems to be going on at all. The Four of Cups refusal of present day, and his current reality, that includes gifts laden with potential for growth and experiencing new states of being, implies that this figure is still back in the Three of Cups (3C) ‘party in full swing’ mode, and obstinately refusing to move at all.
  • VI Pentacles ‘Victory’ Shadowed: I The Magician
    Numerically The Magician is 1 and Six Pentacles is 74=75=7+5=12=1+2=3 Number Three dominates today: the first celebration number, and is social, relaxed, creative and happy. I – The Magus of Power I’ll address our shadow card first today, as The Magician and I have had a rocky relationship right from my Tarot beginnings. Whilst I definitely do not believe in ‘good’ or ‘bad’ cards within Tarot, this first card of the Major Arcana, the mercurial original manifester, still makes my stomach flip when I turn over The Magician card. With the Wand createth He. With the Cup preserveth He. With […]
  • Knight of Swords (Aquarius) – Hot Winds Bring Change with Gust
    Strength cards softly, softly, loving approach juxtaposes the Knight of Swords harshness perfectly.
  • VIII of Cups * Lions Gate 88*
    We would rather be searching for our own true happiness, then continue living a counterfeit existence. We All, unfortunately, are Unable to Unsee Truth.
  • Tarot Numerology
    I realised the importance of Uranus or God as being 0 and outside of ourselves (the beginning), and Uranus (God) being within Man as number 22 additionally, 22 being the Master Builder number (also referred to as the Holy Spirit in Christianity) and 22 is the number of Major Arcana cards within the 78-cards of the Tarot deck. That was difficult to explain, and I had great difficulty wrapping my head around these new concepts. I’ve always loved numbers for their Universal Truth and inability to lie. Through researching my new Tarot numbering system my number Loving has only strengthened, with a new Passion for Sacred Geometry.

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