Sage Morsels: Wonderland Tarot Tin Reviewed

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I didn’t much fancy this Tarot deck upon initial inspection. Purchased online in error, instead of the aesthetically pleasing prettier Tarot Wonderland deck by Barbara Moore. So, after it’s long overdue postal arrival, and being suitably disappointed anyway, this weirdly cartoonish ‘Alice’ deck had no chance of earning my instant good impression. None. However, Wonderland Tarot has really grown on me over time, gradual and with use, I’ve begrudgingly come to admire it’s lightness, and clever character integration from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” the novel into the the Tarot deck framework respectfully.

What are others thoughts on this Tarot deck in a tin – ‘The Wonderland Tarot’? (pictured below)

Personally, I love the Flamingo’s representation as the Swords suit within this deck, also Oysters as Pentacles deserves particular mention and praise, as is truly very clever – on so many levels, then levels within other levels, all contained within this concept Oyster perfection as Pentacles, within Wonderland Tarot.

The four minor suits of Wonderland Tarot (pictured below) are represented as follows:

Peppermills = Wands
Hats = Cups
Flamingoes = Swords
Oysters = Pentacles

Talk today is about XI Justice, and in this deck (pictured below) is represented by ‘Old Father William’ seen standing on his head. Old Father William is an absurdly nonsensical ‘wise-old’ character in the delightfully fun poem within the book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, both poem and book, written by Lewis Carroll.

~ Wonderland Tarot ~

This much lighter, almost congenial interpretation of the Justice Archetype, has surprisingly, become wonderfully appreciated by this Tarot enthusiast (pun heartily intended), although this was not my view initially… of Justice, or this deck, no not at all.

Some lighter interpretational integrations with regard to XI Justice Major Arcana inspired by ‘The Wonderland Tarot’, listed below:

Faithful intelligence ♦ Equanimity in impartiality ♦ “no stake in the outcome” ♦ Psyche in perspective ♦ Firm good advice shared ♦ Akashic records + personal memory ♦ Satire + parody ♦ LAUGHTER!

More laughter, quite simply, equals better.

Enjoy in life absurdity! Find humour in ridiculous!

Too serious, far too long, has Justice weighed tone heavy within all of its Tarot readings. And so, sincerely I thank you The Tarot of Wonderland, for inspiring renewed celebration, though usually unnoticed, of all my Un-Birthday’s once more! More Tea Party’s will be held, for no reason at all. And my cup of tea now taste sweeter, embracing this lighter XI Justice perspective.

Which Tarot decks, and/or particular cards, have upside downed your own Tarot dogma?

My final opinion of Wonderland Tarot, and upon long review; it inspires frivolity and challenges all things serious, while inviting many questions. In fact, Tarot Wonderland reminds us to ask, one of the most important questions of all, and one we should all be asking ourselves more often,

“when did you last stand on your head?”



You Are Old Father William ~ Poem by Lewis Carrol

Lewis Carroll Parody Poem: (

** I’m placing blame for purchasing error upon all online Tarot deck vendors, and their notorious bare minimum supply of deck card images for reference, thus making this Tarot purchasing territory particularly risky and perilous. **

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