Belief Attachment Weakens Self (Devil + Strength) | Soul Retrieval + Truth | Weekly Reading Chitchat

XV The Devil + XVII The Star + 0 The Fool ~ Shadowed: VIII Strength

Attachment to imposed belief systems dictating the terms of what is considered a “successful life” causes us to repress parts of ourselves those belief systems have deemed ‘bad’, thus weakening our personal power and capacity for achieving emotional satisfaction here on Earth.

Chitchat of Weekly Reading 7 June 2021
All Major Arcana (Spiritual growth and lessons + Divine Connection and guidance)

XV The Devil + XVII The Star + 0 The Fool ~ Shadowed: VIII Strength
Tarot Wonderland deck

All Major Arcana’s within this early June reading, with XVII The Star (Aquarius/Uranus) rightfully as our Heavenly Goddess taking centre stage. Her central place of power is only emphasised by Earth and Divinity that surround this healing heavenly conduit within this spread nestled (Star nestled between XV The Devil, and on her right 0 The Fool).

** NB Another noteworthy theme: not sure if I mentioned the potential for fame, public recognition, and/or attention-seeking behaviours, which XVII The Star card can represent, and are only enhanced in combination with shadow card VIII Strength who’s ruled by Sun in Leo’s prideful charms. Furthermore, The Star was clarified by Page of Cups, a card which can classically nourish potential narcissistic character traits, as an inexperienced page who may be unable to harness Ace of Cups feelings correctly, then becomes easily overwhelmed by these feelings, eventually fearing these, thus becomes emotionally selfish and childish in many other Cups ways. So addiction/attachment (XV Devil) to attention-seeking and external validation (XVII Star clarified by Page of Cups) would need to be acknowledged, then lovingly integrated within self (VIII Strength) for the realisation of freedom and care-free new beginnings promised within our final card 0 The Fool (also Fool was clarified by The Star reinforcing this “Star Famous” attachment theme). **

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Tarot Decks:
Rider Waite-Smith deck
Crowley-Thoth Tarot
The Wonderland Tarot
Vice Versa Tarot
Lo Scarabeo Tarot (standard)
Golden Art Nouveau Tarot
Witches Tarot
The Chinese Tarot
The Wildwood Tarot
Spiritsong Tarot
Gilded Tarot

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