Show me freedom.

We breathe
We eat
And we thirst.

These basic fundamentals of humanity are freely ours?

We freely choose how we spend
our most productive and valuable hours
of every and all of our days?

Never weary?
are we never too tired
to be appreciative
of our allotted freedom moments?

We are always present?

This medicated society
is beneficial?
Beneficial to whom?

The pillage and Earthly plunder
is everyone’s equal right?

We are not free. We are not equal.

Our Earthly
indoctrination begins early
individualisation stunted
distracting from
all self exploration

are raising our children now.

Mums and Dads
career dutiful
they obey authority
their ambitions
money rewarded
employee strangers babysit
their Precious Young’uns

Big Business
these malleable
hungry little minds

Our Children
during non-disclosed
corporate software installation
on our most valuable little assets…

Family usurped
all countries
and nations
now Incorporated
Big Business
globally decree
the new doctrine
religion of profit
already stealth installed
conditioned slowly
our societal theology
now monetised
in worship
of Our One True God
the great
money celebrity

all citizens must work
for money
to secure ‘happy’
love money
god of money
love money more
work more
show greater love
of our great god money

working for tomorrow
Not today
yet only today is known
this day only
tomorrow never comes
tomorrow has always
became today

great money god
rewards our hard work
always paying tomorrow…
ever striving for money
god money ensures happy
all happy money metered
god money happy

Family usurped
all countries
the nations
now incorporated
Big Business
global decree
the new doctrine
religion of profit
already stealth installed
conditioned slowly
our societal theology
now monetised
in worship
of our one true god
money celebrity

Forever living for this “tomorrow”
did we surrender our present?
have we been robbed
of this current now?
right now?
by who?
when did this happen?
how did this happen?

This is not freedom.

I’ll be happy when…
One day I’ll have more time to…
One of these days I’ll…

One day I will be happy? One day I will feel satisfied?



Which standard of happy?

What is happiness?

Can you define your own happiness?

That’s not the way the program works.

We Want as we are told.
Our Success is measured in accumulated wants.
Authority ensures our happiness of course.

never question
never stray from the herd

fear based society
Citizens Frozen
survival mode only
in fear frequency

busy, busy, busy
must busy

Hungry always
Thirst unquenchable
Souls asphyxiated
Empty Vessels

Must distract
Must compare
we Must win
Must consume
we Must be one of majority

No Silence.

Must not be alone.
Cannot be alone.
By Myself?
Alone with self?
I am the unknown

Self knowledge
is access denied.
The program will not allow that.

frequency of fear
unsustainable long term
deploys self destruct mode
bodily functions
shutting down


Humanity weakens.
absent robotic slave armies…

Living free!

The illusion of choice
satisfied enough these droids
in the end.

no not ever,
question our freedom.

Have we been robbed?

questions stimulate imagination

imagination is dreaming

dreams imagining dreams
imagining dreams imagining

How large is the imagination?
How far can we dream?
the never ending stories
within stories…

dreams imagining dreams
imagining dreams imagining

in stillness of morning
this day
my eyes still closed
quietly conscious
I’m pondering why?

Why? Why? Why?

Why did we dream so much unhappy?
why was our slumber
so sombre and grey?

This is the dream within our dreaming.

We are free!

freedom is happiness
happiness is freedom

We are free!

Wake Up Sleepy Heads

Wake Up!



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