Show me freedom.

We must breath
We must eat
And we must drink

These basic fundamentals are freely ours?

We choose how we spend
our most productive and valuable hours
of our every days?

Never weary?
we are never too tired
nor wholly appreciative
of our allotted freedom moments?

We are always present?

Pharmaceutical ‘medications’ are essential?
These are beneficial?

Rape, pillage, and plunder
this is our Earthly right?

The ‘Indoctrination’ begins early.
Minimizing individuality
detracts all self exploration…

Corporations ’babysit” our Young’uns
feeding their malleable and hungry little minds
this is the Law.

Replacing all loving, influential family
who must work, work, work
working involuntarily
working for their Young’uns dreams
for their future
and for their happy.

Absent for the initial settings,
and framework
during ‘program installation’
in these young minds, and
our most valuable little assets…

Forever living for tomorrow
Ever striving for their next level of ’happiness’.

I’ll be happy when…
I’ll have more time when…
One day I’ll…

… feel satisfied.
One day I’ll be happy.



Which level of happiness?

Can you describe this happiness?

Can you define your own happiness?

That’s not the way the program works.


We Want as we are told.
Our Success is measured in accumulated wants.
Authority(s) ensure our happiness of course.

never question
never stray from the herd

Fear based control
Fear based society
Fear based programs

busy, busy, busy

Always hungry
Thirst unquenchable
Always occupied
Empty vessels
Soul asphyxiated

Must distract
Must compare
Must win
Must consume silence
Must be majority

Fear of being alone
Fear of me
I am the unknown

Must not know thyself.

The program will not allow that.

Fear frequency
deploys self destruct mode.


Absent robotic slave armies…

Living free!

The illusion of choice
satisfies enough these droids.

no not ever,
question our freedom.

With Imagination…

we freely contemplate?
… conscious travel
we consider all Alone?

The Dreaming

Dreams imagining dreams
Imagining dreams imagining

in stillness and pondering
eyes focused not yet
laying wondering why?


Why you dreamed much unhappy,
and why was your slumber

so sombre and grey?

Wake Up Sleepy Heads

Wake Up!



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