V of Wands (Saturn in Leo) | The Destructive Insidious Fire that is Jealousy

This Tarot reader methodically captures and records all thoughts and experiences Tarot, with multitudes of Tarot diaries, now a library with many years of them, they do become kind of burdensome. Recently I began experimenting video blogging my Tarot diaries, and with surprising swiftness, I am already experiencing the beneficial effects of simply vocalising my Tarot Musings. I’m unsure how this vocalising of One’s unscripted and rambling Tarot thoughts automatically expands those very same thought processes, some vibrational based sound phenomenon is occurring, with new considerations currently pouring through this magically opened door with clarity, and surprising retention, within a previously considered overworked and overloaded “Esoteric Tarot Brain”.

Verbalising my ideas, information, and considerations somehow connects the right dots within my brain, allowing idea expansion, new perspectives, and adding multiple layers of individual Tarot card interpretation, which all quite suddenly become illuminated upon speaking for awhile. Amazing. This verbally inspired, thought explosion phenomena sort of reminds me of a Bible verse often Church quoted for gossip prevention, but mostly to quieten rabbles of noisy playing Sunday School kids “when two people begin talking, Jesus starts listening”.

I’ve never had any trouble identifying Five of Wands (5W) energies when reading Tarot for others, and possibly because of this ease, I’ve overlooked some deeper consideration,s and potentials contained within this card. Additionally, 5W has rarely shown up within my own personal readings (certainly not impacting within recent memory anyway), further limiting any weight in understanding from my own personal experiences.

I genuinely attempt to remain neutral with regard to all seventy-eight (78) cards contained within the Tarot deck, however even unacknowledged emotions and impressions, which are usually created historically and residually over time, have a way of creeping into our overall perceptions and points of view, and I must now acknowledge the negative associations I’ve been holding concerning the Five of Wands.

Largely this 5W’s negative view has grown due to the overwhelming majority of jealousy associations this card illuminates within readings. I cannot comprehend Jealousy. A default of kindness and respect ensures genuine happiness over the successes and happiness of those I love and care for within my life. Similarly, their experiences and successes inspire me to not limit myself or others, to just reach within myself further if I want to achieve more, Always disliking non-comprehension of inexplicable destructive human behaviours, I’ve naturally given this fiery, and much manipulative energy, great consideration both emotionally and intellectually. Dissecting each component that may lead up to, and together with, possible potential outcomes contained within this emotion of Jealousy.

I have not found anything positive contained within the destructive force of Jealousy.

Jealousy contributes to the creation of an unhealthy Ego, then becomes Ego’s willing servant when so heightened and out of control.

V of Wands – Thoth deck (Crowley)

All manner of bad behaviours manifesting through people with alarming regularity due to jealousy are for the most part, seemingly accepted within our society. An adult behaving erratically, immaturely and/or plain crazy, are commonly given absolution of responsibility or a ‘Green Card’ as such, by simple acknowledgement by their peers and others that “he/she is jealous, so that’s why…”, why what? Jealousy by itself cannot be reasoning for any behaviour, and most certainly not a bloody excuse! I mean what the hell? It’s beyond disheartening how Jealousy has insidiously embedded itself within our “societal normals”, with rotten behaviours being dished out haphazardly for the ego upkeep of selfish individuals.

It’s considered normal, or largely ignored when a healthy functioning adult emotionally torments, twists and manipulates, their significant other/partner/spouse, through deliberate provocation using jealousy. Simplifying further, such selfish individuals requiring these quick confidence boosts to temporarily smother their own deep-rooted inadequacies (continual band-aiding), are doing so at the deliberate expense and nasty torment of their significant other/partner/spouse. Success levels being measured by their partners level of distress, reactions and insecurity thereafter within the pairing. How can such disrespect and cruelty possibly represent any form of Love? It’s gob-smacking.

Jealousy’s perversion within this primary relationship is unfortunately, just the tip of the iceberg (usually our most important external relationship, is that with our significant other). Jealousy’s selfish importance and motivational basis being now centrally cemented, busily works extending and adapting, pervading all connections most individuals have and create within their life thereafter. Instead of celebrating the victories of others they supposedly care for, Jealousy creates isolating nasty resentments of others. Instead of turning within and addressing one’s own insecurities when feeling this awful way, such as possible issues and internal barriers to their own success and happiness, they jealously turn their attention outward and focus externally, attempting to corrupt and belittle those who have done their own internal work, those who now knowing themselves and have become self-aware, and usually are more successful in life. Jealousy manifests itself revoltingly in those who allow it full control over them.

Within my own interpersonal connections, the disrespect required in attempting any form of manipulation ignites my hothead temper instantly. Attempted jealousy provocations aimed at me are easily identified, as all associated feelings and actions required of Jealousy are unnatural and foreign, a ridiculously wasted exercise of futility for anyone.

Removal of the manipulative connection from my sphere, and non-interaction being singularly, the only acceptable response to such behaviours. I’ve learnt with difficulty over time, I am unable to change others, and it is not my responsibility to “Change the World”. The best method within my power to inspire and promote positive change, is in being a living example of the qualities of character I value the most, practising both kindness and respect.

Its not difficult understanding now, the negative associations I’ve accumulated with this card, knowing the Five of Wands most common, and obvious portrayal, is that of a querent’s Jealousy (or connected person within) within majority of readings, and most other readers of Tarot advise of same.

Naturally, after blog stating inexperience generally with 5W personally, guess which of Tarot’s 78-cards has decided to become its lead and starring card of late? The Universe ever listening, and hearing my blatant indifference to exploration of possibilities for 5W, decided to send Five of Wands on a “stalker card” mission, invading many readings for others (including clarifications for V Wands by itself, being 5W within separate Tarot decks I use for clarifications within non talkative spreads,) and this seems ongoing at this stage…

Four of Wands is one of my personal favourite Tarot cards, and deciding to head back there for possible clues regarding Five Wands, I remembered recently referring to the additional expansive energy of 5W being gifted from The Divine, preventing us from becoming stagnant within the celebration of the 4W connection to Spirit, disruptively forcing change by disturbance generally.

Translation: I had forgotten to be grateful for this Divine gift of motivating 5W Fire. This is quite humbling. Even upon intellectually knowing that our mindsets create our reality, we all have our own personal blind-spots, and auto-piloting defaults in this regard. This Five of Wands interpretational laziness (#FirstWorldProblems) issue of mine illustrates how pervasive one’s own perceptual distortions can impact their own reality. Influential perceptions remain unacknowledged and hidden when formed gradually overtime, their slowness escapes detection. I do think that these are the ones we are more likely to stumble upon eventually, realising their effects or interference, and make the necessary and conscious changes within to stamp them out.

However, the perceptions we all individually contain, stemming from hard-wired, initial and unchallenged programming, undetectable because so efficiently running beyond all conscious notice, what impact might these hold over our current reality and our entire lives? My brain hurts in attempt to even consider this question, as we can not possibly have any idea, nor conception of size and impact with regard to the automated systems running within all of us. How deep might that particular rabbit-hole of unanswerable questioning take us? Unknown. Potentially infinite.

Disturbing and sidetracking considerations above. While helpful for the ongoing development of my own self-awareness,, hardly likely finding V of Wands positives and untold stories within that rabbit hole of philosophical considerations created above.

Lo Scarabeo

The Tarot suit of Wands holds enormous creative potential when this elemental Divinely gifted fire is embraced positively and continually (thus avoiding fiery internal surges and eruptions), individuals can then store and harness this energy as inspiration, passions, motivations, and ambitions. When Wands energy begins burning within individuals who are emotionally reactive and so controlled, become uncomfortable with this fire within, minus any conscious acknowledgement of being so, internal fires build to anger then rage when suppressed, pushing for fiery release it requires in all opportunities, causing emotional outbursts and angry eruptions. An emotionally reactive individual never questions such angry outbursts as they’ve never known control at any time, and control within any area of their life can never be achieved within such negative mode of existence. Wands powerfully beautiful fiery energies tragically unappreciated and going to waste is a shame 😣.

While my own emotional controls are usually adequate, I require continual maintenance due to being a bloody hothead. Suppressed or undecided energies can be invigorating, or turn highly destructive. Regular reprieves and healthy outlets from internal energetic upkeep are best for maintenance of emotional well being. I refer to this state-of-being as the ‘canned heat in my heels’, and my much enjoyed release is via dancing. Five of Wands and dancing for healthy emotional release seems an obvious positive association for me personally with this card, yet I’ve only made this connection now, and when somewhat forced to inspect closer.


The anonymity, darkness, and space required in dancing with complete abandon of self conscious anything, and surrendering of oneself emotionally and physically entirely into the musical ride of choice with excellent quality sound and preferably an element of musical surprise, is the most satisfyingly enjoyable release emotionally for myself I’ve ever known.

Nothing graceful to see within one’s dance to ’emotional health’, no visual seductions nor exhibition for others, zero elegance guaranteed within this unpredictable wholly body responsive surrender in music. The Freedom of such joyous uninhibited physical appreciation of music also extends freely (lol) and beneficially incorporating mind, body, spirit.

Upon noticing I’ve become seeming all-round rather surly and/anxious without reason, these are the clear indicators for me to make time for myself and do something I enjoy with consideration for myself only. It is when we do not know, and listen to ourselves, nor turn to The Divine/Spirit for guidance in these moments of distress, the powerful Wands (fire) fires building and heating within us become uncontrollable and destructive.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


**NB – This dancing described in detail above bares no comparison, and has no common point of reference nor similarity, to the predictably sexually-explicit gyrations with all body parts on display, loosely referred to as ‘dancing’ as part of the Human Mating Rituals performed on tiny ‘dance floors’ found at everyone’s local Pub/Tavern/Hotel most Friday or Saturday nights.**


Sage Tutorials: Five of Wands (Saturn/Leo) Jealousy, Strife, Competition & Strife

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