VII Cups ‘Victory in Emotion’ Manifestation via Fantasy of Feelings

Focus Number is Seven: combining both spiritual and physical aspects, this completeness in perfection becomes about self exploration is our number seven, and rightly so, as it explores all aspects of self and it’s need to understand the totality of oneself. Seven is the highly spiritual number of self, and is associated with intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom, a deep inward knowing, solitude and faith, and such knowing and completeness lends to another meaning of seven being the Universe. Seven equals three: Soul and the number of the Heavens and Holy Trinity, plus four:  Earth and the solid number of manifestation and completion. Pythagorean: Seven is a cosmic number with three of heaven and four of the world.

The seventh attribute within the Kabbalah Tree of Life is Netzach, whose position is doubly unbalanced; off the middle pillar, and very low down on the Tree. It is taking a very great risk to descend so far into illusion, and thus creates it’s frantic struggle. Netzach pertains to Venus; Netzach also pertains to Earth; and the greatest catastrophe that can befall Venus is to lose her Heavenly origin, she becomes seemingly non-virtuous amid the heavy Earthly pull.

VII Cups (RWS) 'Debauch' Venus in Scorpio
VII Cups (Venus in Scorpio) – Rider Waite Smith Deck (RWS)

With Seven of Cups the Venus in Scorpio planetary attribute implies that the shine is now wearing off, the overflowing joy and beauty so fully celebrated has peaked, and now downward is turning, and beginning to sour. Seven of Cups depicts symbols of flaws that occur when feelings are manifested through this point of sour turning: it is self-deception, selfishness, pride, jealousy, envy, sloth and greed.

The Seven of Cups is called Debauch (Crowley Thoth deck) and describes this card as the very worst ideas one can have; its mode is poison, and its goal frenzied drug induced madness. Crowleys Thoth 7C portrays delusion of Delirium Tremens and drug addiction; it represents the sinking into the mire of false pleasure. He continues further down this damning path, declaring there’s something almost suicidal in this card. It is particularly bad with no planetary strength nor balance to hold 7C card up. Venus  follows Venus, then Earth is churned into the scorpion morass. Damning stuff indeed according to Crowley, however, as per usual with all things Crowley, I either completely and logically agree with his ideas, or emphatically disagree (revolt even). His take on the Seven of Cups is ridiculously over-dramatic and complete overkill of the weakness in vanity concept, that frankly, herculean strength isn’t required in rising above instant gratifications, nor do beauty and vanity cast such bewitching spells to warrant such blatant ‘shock’ factor with his 7C ‘debauch’ being the sum and total on this subject of this humble Reader of Tarot’s opinion.

Seven of Cups (7C) is often referred to as the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ card, pictured in the Rider Waite Smith deck (RWS) are the bad spirits being let loose of Pandora’s box by either a benign inexperienced, or undisciplined purposeful Magician’s Apprentice, and shows basically all hell breaking loose seven-fold. There are different opinions about the relationship between images in the cups (RWS) and temptations. In an interpretation of Pamela Smith, those seven cups contain symbols of love (female), wisdom (the snake), holiness (figure in the veil), power (castle), wealth (gems), glory (laurel wreath) and evil (the dragon).  Just imagine – if you can have everything? Would you refuse fame for the sake of love, wealth for spiritual insights? And so on and so forth. Seven of Cups seems to influence all the signs and all the planets.

Seven of Cups can point to our having many options, and perhaps too many options, where unless we make decisions based on our future requirements and happiness, and not those based upon instant feel-goods, all possibilities will remain ‘pie in the sky’ options, all leading nowhere. Seven of Cups also depicts the spirit world invading physical reality, such disturbances can be physical events which manifest in ways of losing control, drunkenness would be a good example, including inebriation of many forms. The Seven of Cups card most definitely reinforces all states of being that involve complete out of touch with reality, or beyond Earthly normalcy, by whatever means, whether drug induced, mental illness, Alzheimer’s, psychic or similar, this card can often be a warning card in this way. Additionally, when this spiritual contact is actually welcomed or beckoned, as opposed to invading disturbances, then 7C can refer to genuine Soothsaying,  dreaming and Psychic prophecies.

Seven of Cups is a tricky card to work with in readings as it holds so many possibilities, and rarely holds the very same meaning twice, familiarity with this card doesn’t gain advantage and only seems to further confuse, rather humorously with confusion being one of 7C main interpretations. I’ve listed a few of different ideas, and interpretations that generally accompany this card above, and with these few basic concepts, it’s quickly obvious why this card continues to baffle, tease, and haunt so many within the Tarot community.

My own experience with 7C over much time has left me with a healthy dose of respect for it’s long reach within it’s Tarot framework, and 7C being a minor arcana, packs a  punch far too many readers tend to underestimate. Thankfully, the Seven of Cups has chosen me a number of times, becoming my Tarot ‘stalker card’, faithfully keeping close, until a particular 7C energy for consideration has been acknowledged, consciously realised, and finally remembered (usually hammering the message home seven-fold).

I’ve experienced Seven of Cups as warning when surrounding energies may not be in control, or when one singular reality may not be shared (nor liked) energetically and could be dangerous. These experiences are rare of course, but worth remembering with regard to 7C range of interpretation. This card can be a warning, harnessing the fantasy aspects of this card (RWS image), we may not be seeing things within out lives clearly, be wearing our rose-tinted glasses, or we’re simply too light-hearted and non-committal. Seven of Cups is psychic impressions and energies loosed, soothsaying ‘other-side’ and spiritual messages which Seven of Cups should rightfully hold according to it’s properties owned both in it’s number, and Suit within Tarot.

The spiritually introspective and Universal number seven, united and immersed in the Cups watery Tarot suit of expressions of Spirit, Love and Emotions, the spiritually finds perfect freedom combo perfect atmosphere of spiritual freedom. How could this card not depict messengers from Spirit or Higher Realms (Higher Self)?

Most importantly however, Seven of Cups true magic lies within it’s power, when harnessed as one vital ingredient of manifestation. The enormous divide between intention and manifestation, are contained within this fantastically slippery card. How many may come so close when  within the fantastical Seven Cups to finding their true source of happiness in dreams, yet to pull their dreams free of 7C slippery illusory slopes, were swept up in its fantastical realms?

When we harness our true calling, our home frequency and truest vibration, this feeling which I can only best describe as “like coming home at last”, that this high state-of-being and emoting freely, is the very doorway and mysterious in-between, or no-mans land that transforms/creates/births our initial concepts/ideas/wants/desires and manifests them on the material plane, making wishes firmly cement in our 3D reality.

Further food for thought: Narc’s flying monkeys, 7C as smokescreens and deliberate chaos and sidetracking…

Finding your true happiness

Venus rules seven, and while beauty is seductive…

TBC shortly

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