IV Swords ‘Truce’ Meditation and The Akashic Records

Our focus Number today is Number Four, enforcing the need for stability and rest from real-world in real-time (now), prior to moving forward and manifesting.

IV Swords (4S) is a TRUE number four, as it is numbered 58 within Tarot numbering system (5+8=13 = 1+3=4), so 4S stands alone outside the Swords suit, additionally as the number four. Four is masculine, and Divinely inspired with the stability it provides from initial chaos of 1, 2, and 3 the number four is safe and protective, and energetically restorative after the constant movement and expansion of our first three numbers. The Pythagoreans call the number four “the greatest miracle,” and “fountain of Nature,” and its “key bearer.” It is the “introducer and cause of the permanency of the Mathematical discipline” our first safe and steadfast number is our number four. It represents 4th dimension of time, and all things physical i.e. our bodies, fours have been described as Supreme Wisdom or Goodness (squares) comprised of: Mind, Soul, Matter, and Divinity (God), and fours of the Sensible World, forming the Kosmos of 4 x Elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

IV Swords (Jupiter in Libra) – Eye of the Cyclone ‘Truce’

I really do not meditate well. Attempting to quiet my mind on some occasions can be become torturous. I find it difficult to schedule meditations simply because I don’t want sit still and meditate. Over the many years, I’ve participated in scores of Group Meditations and definitely do know how much I dislike doing so (time very nearly stands completely still for me personally during any Group Meditation), no matter how friendly the Group members, or Zen the music.

Yet the benefits of private meditation, when I finally do take the necessary time-out, are unequivocally blooming marvelous. What the goodness is wrong with this picture? Wrong with me?


Our thoughts dictate our reality.

When the IV Swords (4S) shows up, we need a break.

IV Swords (Jupiter LIbra) 'Truce' RWS
IV of Swords (Libra Jupiter) – Rider Waite Smith deck (RWS) – Libra is Air and ruled by Venus – Jupiter provides protection, expansion and stability. Greater fortune and luck is associated with this planet that literally ‘rains diamonds’.

Many dreams from my early childhood were so vivid and captivating, that often now as an adult it’s difficult to distinguish between reality and dreams, when strolling down childhoods memory lane.

One such beautiful, and recurring dream today, is that of the wondrously enormous Library. Books ceiling high, and aisles long and farther than my eyesight, the entire place filled me with awe at such grandeur and spectacular glowing natural light illuminating every corner, nook and cranny (imagine time standing still at the moment of morning Sunrise, this Library is always glowing, celebrating even, the glorious hour of first rays of light, the victory of day over night, Sun over Moon, it’s eternally Sunrise within this wondrous Library). Guided to my Isle in this gorgeous Library,  countless ‘dreaming’ hours have been spent soaking in contentment and information.

My Wondrous Library aka Akashic Records

I know now as an adult, my lovely recurring Library dream is collectively known as the Akashic Records, and am beyond grateful to be allowed such a privilege.

The contented, healing and rested feeling I’ve only ever felt within the Akashic Records, is the same energy I associate with the IV Swords.

Crowley named this card 4S ‘Truce’, & he also named II Swords (2S) ‘Peace’ and in my opinion, I think they should be swapped and named the other way around. Any individual that has experienced III Swords  (3S) will understand how permanently changing the experience is of absolute and complete betrayal, of both mind and heart.  The acute  pain of 3S card is so powerfully changing, that my personal meaning for 3S is ‘Healing’ because even prior to the physical manifestation of the betrayal, in the background your ever busy subconscious is preparing your entire being for this huge ego smack-down, ensuring everything is perfectly aligned for instant healing when the shit finally hits the fan, 3S is that powerful of a card. So it makes much more sense to me that IV Swords means ‘Peace’ and should be named so, after the shit storm of III Swords we deserve some freakin’ peace. 4S is taking the time out necessary to record and dissect all the difficult lessons to be learnt from 3S and ensure those details be correctly recorded in the Akashic Records, this process of simply taking time-out and recording the hurt, and is therapeutic healing in itself.


II Swords (2S), which is Moon in Libra, deals with duality and decisions, as do all the Two’s. 2S is a purposefully self-made situation that’s very far removed from Peace in my opinion. II Swords is an of avoidance of decision making, deliberately blindfolding ourselves from the Truth out of fear, knowing what one must do and not taking the required action, not wanting to do what needs to be done, and therefore is much more deserving of the ‘Truce’ label then ‘Peace’ as named in Thoth Tarot, as the situation is purposefully stalled, a deliberately manufactured stalemate or ‘Truce’ while holding all decision making at bay.

Moving on.

We see in 4S card imagery (RWS deck) a soldier (or Knight) lying on top of a coffin resting, we can only assume or at least surmise this rest is needed after battle, with his hands together in a prayer like position, showing surrender to the Divine (Universe/God etc), most likely within a crypt/church/tomb of sorts, it’s unclear of location, however the stained glass window does indicate a religious venue, hence the tomb and crypt associations. There are three swords hanging above the resting Knight, and one below that he is yet to consciously acknowledge during this resting period. The three hanging swords above the resting Knight, portray the contemplation required of the previous and painful 3S situation that should, and must take place during this time. If not properly addressed, and not sorted through mentally during this 4S respite, this Knights future manifesting and creation of new beginnings and life opportunities will go awry quickly if generating from a position of fear, weariness and unresolved pain and resentment.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-swords-rws.jpg
III Swords ‘Sorrow’ (Saturn in Libra) Rider Waite Smith deck (RWS) complete overkill with tragic image of 3 Swords piercing through a large heart in a stormy scene, the heavens crying, rain hopefully washing and healing such thorough sorrow associated with 3S

IV Swords Libra exalted in Jupiter, shows the mental activities  and deliberation of mind required by this card in extracting the lessons learnt through the sorrow of 3S. Jupiter’s Karmic associations highlights the importance of doing this correctly, preferably the first time. Jupiter rules X Wheel of Fortune card (Major Arcana card), and carries Karmic and past life debt implications, in addition to fortunate/unfortunate timing, Jupiter’s Wheel waits for no-one, and turns according to the pulse of the almighty Universe. When this Wheel does turn, you’ll want be sure you’ve got a stronghold and a good foundation to secure you as the Wheel turns. X Wheel of Fortune as ruler of Fate, turns with you or without you, or maybe even briefly both scenarios, flinging you away like a rag-doll, to somewhere completely different if caught totally unprepared. Karmic restitution’s (instant Karma) come under Jupiter’s Wheel of authority, to hand out  in real-time when we are not learning the lessons as we should be, and have become stuck in awful and nightmarish Life Karma Loops.

Which brings us back to thoughts, and especially purity of thoughts, creating our reality and manifesting the things we most want in life, our negative mindsets and thought patterns create barriers, usually artificial and fictional mental barriers to accessing beneficial things. We each individually, have absolute control over such things, and it is our individual responsibility to identify unhealthy, or even nasty thinking patterns and stamping them out accordingly once identified. When we realise we may not have properly addressed old wounds, and negative thought patterns have taken hold, or we have outgrown old fear based beliefs and unhelpful inner dialogues, this indicates we are learning from our past mistakes, however the knowledge we have gained will only benefit us when accompanied by the necessary corresponding actions and emotions.

This is the very awkward spot where a great many individuals become stuck within, knowing better as have learned from past mistakes, yet not implementing the correct actions for changed and better outcomes. It’s a horrible Karma loop to be stuck in, and is a necessary and tough right of passage for each and every one of us, the integration of mind and heart once more (after necessary separation in 3S) means trusting ourselves once again, when we do this, and begin creating new life paths and options from this loving space, the nightmare of the Karma cycle ends. The Universe having no respect for time, sometimes means people are unable to break free from this cycle during this lifetime, time being a construct and non-linear outside of our understanding, time has no impact on our journeys as eternal energetic beings.

Numerically, fours are about foundations and solidifying strong positions in order to move on with stability from this grounded position. Fours also deal with time, reality, and real-time physical situations. IV Swords is a TRUE number four, as it is numbered 58 within Tarot numbering system (5+8=13 = 1+3=4),  transforming as well as providing mental stability after chaos within the Swords suit, it stands alone outside of the Swords, additionally as an independent number four.

Four is masculine and all fours associate with manifestation (4 as either a launching for manifesting, or 4’s actual manifestation of stability and strength truthfully as a square) and Divine with the stability it provides from initial chaos of 1, 2, and 3 the number four is quiet, safe, protective, and energetically restorative after the constant movement and expansion of our first three active numbers. The Pythagoreans call the number four “the greatest miracle,” and “fountain of Nature,” and its “key bearer” as new doors and pathways open having found the key (stability and gratitude) to open further growth and new life. It is the “introducer and cause of the permanency of the Mathematical discipline” our first safe and steadfast number is our number four. If we skimp on over the work involved in this IV Swords, we’ll be back again soon, because when we attempt to move forward on weak foundations, they will eventually crumble, or give way under minor pressure. This applies to all areas associated with this card (surrounding cards should signal this) including physical respite (if not adequately convalesced, our health will fail again quickly), stinking thinking and old programming no longer serving us, and especially emotional healing (trusting and loving ourselves again, or simply learning to love oneself is a huge energetically  transforming step in the right direction for any individual).

Because of the coffin and tomb/crypt venue imagery in this card (RWS) it is often associated with physical illness, hospital stays, recuperation and convalescing from illness again in hospitals, astral projection (I haven’t explored this interpretation at length, but certainly fits the imagery in RWS deck) and sometimes this card (depending on surrounding cards) can signal ill health, coma’s, and/or death and funerals.


Tarot language and it’s interpretations are multi layered, and quite often can be literal according to card imagery, almost jokingly so lol, so when we examine the III Swords once more, with those three swords piercing a large heart (overkill) this can sometimes refer to surgeries, heart attacks, heart surgery etc and fits in well the following IV Swords imagery of the weary Knight convalescing after surgery/battle. These interpretations would greatly depend on the positioning of this card(s) within a spread, if 4S positioned in the future, I would heed it as more of warning card, telling you take time out now, or properly address some old hurts that will prevent future happiness and opportunities coming your way unhindered.

So when I’m feeling torn in many directions, and know some meditative time-out is exactly what I need, that in the stillness I will find answers to the many questions I wasn’t even aware I had been asking, it’s my responsibility to cut away these unhelpful negative thoughts from my inner dialogue. These unaddressed and habitual thoughts are the nasty’s that sap the happiness from our days, consume our energy, and when we do not challenge them, they control our lives preventing us from experiencing the joy that we ALL rightfully should enjoy. When we confront each individual thought misery with impartial logic (utilising the 4S Libra diplomacy), we can determine their origin and/or validity, thus stripping them of any power these unhelpful thoughts may have been holding over us. Once our thoughts are individually evaluated, we can then determine their truth, whether fine tuning is required, or to disregard entirely if void of any validity whatsoever! When nasty thoughts attempt future intrusions (and they will, it takes time and dedication while reprogramming our thought patterns and inner dialogue) it is suggested we refocus our minds positively in another direction for a period of time, and to do this vigilantly every time, so that eventually they will fade, thus giving way for new and helpful mind programming of your own choosing (17 seconds is the suggested time of refocus for unwanted thoughts, incidentally Tarot Major Arcana XVII The Star, is also number 17, and The Star provides Heavenly Love here on Earth, with inspiration, hope, and healing).

You are the Creator, the Director, and Champion of the Sanctuary of Your Own Mind. We are energetically powerful Sovereign Beings having an Earthly experience.

Our thoughts really do dictate our reality.

Related image

Would you invite a known burglar into your home? Then allow this thief to steal your hard earned luxuries while right under your nose? Would you let them leave then, with your stolen things, unchallenged and completely unopposed? Why then, do we allow insidious and negative thoughts to make themselves comfortable and at home within our heads,  consuming and binding our minds with misery and lies, robbing us of all satisfaction, peace, or joy?

The power to choose positivity is an authority within each one us.

Choose wisely.



Kimothy Ireland



III of Swords Rider Waite Smith deck

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