VI The Lovers (Gemini)

VI The Lovers (Gemini) Shadowed: III Cups ‘Abundance’ (Mercury in Cancer)

Numerically VI The Lovers is 6 and III Cups is 43 = 6+4+3 = 13 = 1+3 = 4

Number of Focus today is Four: Stability, manifestation, Fourth Dimension of Time, foundation, wholeness, 1st stage of completion, orderly, structured and solid.

Major Arcana VI The Lovers sounds romantic doesn’t it? It must be about romance, it has the word ‘Lovers’ in the title of the card! Alas, I’ve never found anything remotely romantic to be found in this card historically in my readings, although many other readers have, and do treat this card as THE romantic catalyst card.

This Major Arcana VI Lovers is a highly personal card, and it’s Gemini Twins influence demands a decision must be made at a Soul level. There is a choice that must be made with this card, generally regarding connections (all areas), and VI Lovers really asks that we look within and choose the most harmonious option for ourselves. So often, this card implies a possible sacrifice.

[The first seven Major Arcana numbered 1-7 (eight cards with The Fool doubling as both zero and number twenty-two) are concerned with building and strengthening an individual’s personal identity through these Archetypal stages of standard human psyche development. The following seven Major Arcana numbered 8-14 are concerned with integrating external influences with their established identity and growing and maturing within these initial frameworks as a result. Lastly, the final seven Major Arcana 15-22  deal with consequences of decisions made within the initial 14 (two sets of seven 1-7 and 8-14) Major Arcana and assessing the strength and flexibility of their character’s and internal foundations, in allowing the capacity for further growth, and what changes must be made as a result. Quite often XVI The Tower Major Arcana well and truly tests our mettle, its where weak foundations crumble under pressure (built in pride and/or ego and nothing tangible) or our entire value system, or way of life alters and changes beyond recognition, requiring a complete tear down and start over from scratch.]

VI The Lovers (Gemini)
VI The Lovers (Gemini) Rider Waite Smith deck (RWS)
In this card (RWS) we see the Gemini Twins, a Man & Woman standing next to one another, underneath the watch & protection of an Angel from the Heavens who has the Sun beaming behind him in the sky. This protective theme in this card can extend to insurance or surveillance (from above or by a counterpart, dependent on surrounding cards).
Note the male of this couple is staring intently at the female, while the female is focused on the Angel above them, hence Divinely guided decisions and possibly unrequited interest, or unwanted attentions from another. Can imply surveillance, which doesn’t have to be creepy, and would depend on surrounding cards.

Most often VI The Lovers is a connector card, or reads as a ‘connection’ between an array of possible partnerships. We have partnerships in celebration today, possibly Divinely inspired happy get-together’s with our Angel overseeing all in the VI The Lovers card. Basically both teams involved in the celebration with these two cards today, are all genuinely enjoying in each others happiness.

VI The Lovers (Gemini) + III Cups 'Abundance' (Mercury in Cancer)
VI The Lovers (Gemini) + III Cups ‘Abundance’ (Mercury in Cancer) Rider Waite Smith deck (RWS)

Phrases to consider today with these two cards VI The Lovers + III Cups and our Focus Number of Four:

“Taking the time to enjoy life with like-minded people.”

“Celebrating my new Spiritual connection with the Heavens.”

“Sharing time with people you love.”

“New connections are making you happy.”

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