VI Wands ‘Victory’

VI Wands ‘Victory’ (Jupiter in Leo/Sun) Shadowed: VIII Strength (Leo)

Numerically Six of Wands is 32 and VIII Strength is 8 (XI Strength is 11 in Crowley Thoth deck) = 3+2+8 = 13 = 1+3 = 4

Number of Focus today is Four: Stability, Fourth Dimension of Time, foundation, wholeness, completion, orderly, structured and solid.

Six of Wands (6W)
VI Wands ‘Victory’ (Jupiter in Leo/Sun) Rider Waite Smith deck (RWS)

VI Wands (6W) is named ‘Victory’ (Crowley Thoth Tarot) and shows apparent success, as this fellow appears victorious proudly parading on his white horse. The horse in this 6W image (RWS) looks less than impressed and even mistrustful of his rider, and of the two figures on the left hand side of the card, who are part of the apparent crowd, one man’s facial expression seems hostile. This card is all about winning at any cost and involves the game players, cheaters, pretenders, controllers, frenemies and energy vampires we all have to interact within our lives. 6W is associated with propaganda, self-interest,  hidden agendas, using other people and their resources for self benefit, and most often is my red flag card signifying ‘bullshit’ or ‘narcissist’ if 6W is representing a person.

With the Six of Wands self interest (number sixes harmonise and restore balance and with Leo and Sun influence in 6W concerns ego, self esteem, and pride) there is also a strategising and scheming element we can employ with this card (dependant on surrounding cards). It’s also quite lucky with it’s Jupiter influence, even when things go awry, 6W may still meet success seemingly without effort.

Our shadow card today is the beautiful Major Arcana VIII Strength, and is all about overcoming, avoiding, or handling situations, both external and internal. VIII Strength combined with Six of Wands signifies seeing through the bullshit and controlling situations. All attempts of sabotage shall be gracefully prevented because we are aware of pretense and chicanery.

VI Wands (Jupiter in Leo) ‘Victory’ + Shadow: VIII Strength (Leo + Sun) Strength is ‘The Daughter of the Flaming Sword’ Rider Waite Smith deck (RWS)

Both of these cards are about winning and succeeding without force, nor confrontation, using a ‘softly, softly’ strategy and gentle approach. Overt triumph isn’t necessary, or required when we see things that are bubbling beneath the surface, and handle things ahead of time before they begin festering, therefore avoiding eruptions and confrontations. Number four (today’s focus number) echoes the VIII Strength cards patient approach, emphasising the importance of structure and ‘good timing’ in taming or handling the beast (ego and pride). The number four might refer to these things arising within the home or with family and friends.

VI Wands + Strength combined associated phrases:

“Identifying frenemies manipulative behaviour and dealing with them firmly, before it causes long term harm.”

“Theories are being into practice within the home.”

“A woman’s influence has become controlling subversively over time.”

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