XIX The Sun + I The Magician Shadowed: VII Pentacles ‘Failure’

Numerically the Sun is 19 the Magician is 1 and the VII Pentacles is 75 = 1+9+1+7+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5

Numerical Focus Number today is Five: Expansion, adventure, disorder, chaos, and lots of changes.

XIX The Sun + I The Magician from the RWS Deck
XIX The Sun + I The Magician from the RWS Deck.

Two flyers both wanting attention for my daily Tarot today, quite literally both these cards flew out of the deck while shuffling today, demanding to be heard together today. What is fascinating is firstly, they are both Major Arcana cards, and secondly that they are both powerful cards within the Majors that can equally command full attention by themselves within a spread, dictating and/or changing the tone of any spread they happen to be amongst.

As some may know, I view the Magician with great mistrust. Control of such immense, raw power is too easily corrupted, he supplies the Tarot with it’s four Aces, acting as a conduit for Divine Powers or the Heavens, and when I think about this realistically that means only four times was this Magician able to manifest these pure energies from the Heavens, in the untainted form of the Aces, because as I said earlier, this overconfident trickster is way too easily corrupted. But here today the Magician is in the company of XIX The Sun who radiates warmth, unconditional Love, naked Truth and vitality, good health, good times, nothing but Goodness exudes from this glorious card! Can be too much of a good thing of course, sunburn comes to mind. But really, even the childish and selfish aspects with this card (depending on positive or negatively aspected by other cards) can still be harnessed for good. Upright or reversed, this card refuses to be diminished, or outshone by other cards. Only XVII The Star comes close to competing, and The Sun is our closest Star, our universe revolves around this star, so again XIX The Sun wins again.

So together these two talk about goodness manifesting, determined to find truth, will and determination to be good, speaking your truth freely, acting out of goodness etc or the flip side maybe the big kid who’s a fast talker, or acting impulsively and/or childishly.

So the Shadow card is important in scrutinising these two highly masculine, and powerful Major Arcana cards, Seven of Pentacles (7P) carefully observes and contemplates all of these scenarios with both Sun and Magician cards. Crowley’s Thoth deck names 7P as ‘Failure’ and is Saturn in Taurus, so heavy and weighted earth energies at play. ‘Reaping what you sow’ always springs to mind when I see this card Seven of Pentacles. The failure found in 7P is instantaneous, as in the foundation and work may have been put in to this endeavour, however the crop is not ready for harvest yet, it’s not bearing fruit ‘right now’.  It’s something the querent really, truly wants, and is working hard towards (Pentacles being tangible).  Others might well also assume something will happen (not shake their heads and say, “He’ll get over it…”)… which is why it’s failure in present time is so devastating. The disruptive aspect of the card is in the expectation of it happening in the now. “Not yet” says 7P and also says “eventually.” As with the Chariot card (#7) something has to be figured out, overcome or accepted if you want to drive on at this stage. So the 7P must do a thorough stocktake, and wonder, much pondering and patience is required for possible future success.

XIX The Sun + I The Magician & Shadow Card: VII Pentacles 'Failure' (RWS)
XIX The Sun + I The Magician & Shadow Card: VII Pentacles ‘Failure’ (RWS) Bide your time… Success not instant will feel like failure, patience and thoroughness is required.

The honest confidence and brilliance of the XIX Sun energies will be required and at your disposal today. The Magician’s direct Divine connection, and his calculating and discerning nature will reveal best timing for your radiant Sun personality to shine, together with VII Pentacles patiently holding back our antsy, and overactive Magician, ensuring perfection and mastery of timing. Sun can be obscured temporarily by the Magician’s clouds, but ultimately the Sun will come out, and does not hold back! One must always remember that no one, and nothing, can outshine the Sun!

Will the Sun illuminate some trickery, or reveal some deliberately concealed Truths today? 7P says all will come to light ‘eventually’, the importance of matters that occur today, may not be realised until a later time.

“Right place, at the right time, with the best attitude” for today.


Kimothy Ireland
∞ Sage Tarot ∞


Afterthought: The Magician is numerically 1, and The Sun is 19=1+9=10 which both ends and begins as 1+0 returns back to 1 again. Both are extremes at opposing ends of our base numbers being 1 the initial force, and the over ripened and burdened number 10 signalling death prior to transition and new beginnings in our number 1. In short, these two cards must cooperate so the that the great Wheel turns and Universal cycles continue on in perfected symmetry.



** Two Cards ‘Jumpers’ or ‘Flyers’ not to be ignored for today’s Tarot advice. HINDSIGHT: These two cards are most likely referring mundanely to the relationship between my gorgeous dog ‘Cato’ and myself. The continual power struggle we have is ongoing and apparently infinite. However, for a moment I have here the world view captured through his eyes. Of course he is the eternal child with unquestionable paramount eternal goodness as shown in the XIX The Sun, and he views me (Me?!?) as The Magician and trickster, which when I view things through his eyes, I can honestly say that is a fair assessment. He’s not aware of time restraints, forgetting of his ball on walk outings, why I make him stop repeatedly (and yell at him if he doesn’t stop immediately), nor why I stop playing or walking due to phone sidetracks and so and so forth…. He is unable to see the greater picture, all he sees is the Magician, this all powerful being who is unpredictable, and often nasty for no apparent reason, I get it. And so the power struggle continues…. **

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