Knight of Swords (Aquarius) – Hot Winds Bring Change with Gust

The Prince of the Chariot of the Winds (Aquarius) Shadowed: VIII Strength (Leo)

AIR OF AIR (Windy)

Numerically Knight of Swords is 53 and Strength is 8 = 5+3+8 = 61 = 6+1 = 7

21st degree of Capricornus to the 20th degree of Aquarius rules the Knight of Swords. When I scrutinise this card (RWS) it both agitates and freaks me out. This is one angry-looking and determined fellow that is giving his Noble White Stead a bloody good thrashing. His poor horse is in state of anxiety and fright. His sword is drawn high in the air, he’s over exerting this regal creature he rides upon, to a point of mania, and charging fast and at full capacity to where? Destination change is where the purpose of this card. Mostly associated with leaving (swift exits), this Knight comes back with the same enthusiasm, creating Whiplash for all spectators. Coming or going, leaving and/or returning, this Knight rushes at breakneck speed in all endeavors.

Shadow Card: Strength the eighth card of the Major Arcana, courageously influences with kindness, compassion and patience. Strength cards softly, softly, loving approach juxtaposes the Knight of Swords harshness perfectly. The Fair Maiden has fearlessly tamed this Lion pictured here (RSW). Her confidence, and the Lions’ submission are possible through a connection of complete trust.

The Strength card is named ‘Lust’ in Crowley’s Thoth deck. Lust implies not only strength, but the joy of strength exercised. There is an element of self control and discipline associated with this card, stemming from self love and personal kindness.

Some phrases to consider with these two cards today:

“Applying pressure correctly at the right time, ensures problems go away”

“The pressure is off” “Straighten out and leave” “Make myself go forward” “Making myself go back” “She can handle that Man who is going” “You switch to full control”


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