VIII of Cups * Lions Gate 88*

(HOD influenced by Mercury the 8’s)

Numerically 48=4+8=12=1+2=3

Saturn in Pisces (‘Indolence’ Crowley Thoth deck) the heavy pull of Saturn in 8 of Cups murky Piscean Waters, forces us to see clearly what we do not want in our lives. This sounds really simplistic, and actually kind of is, because only when we acknowledge the things that cause us unhappiness, are we then able to know and recognise the elements we cannot, and will not include in our life. The ‘Non Negotiables’. This knowledge (Truth) initiates the 8 of Cups card’s quest (spiritual, emotional, even literal physical travelling and quests, depending on surrounding cards) for what does make us happy, even at the expense of the current status quo, or what was, and how things were… With the 8C card, the querent turned their back on all that is, in favour of  beginning their own search for true happiness, as they can not continue living a counterfeit existence.

We All, unfortunately, are Unable to Unsee Truth. 

Infamously 8 of Cups is known as: the Divorce card, the Break-Up card, and the Hangover card.

Words to consider with 8C are: Quit, leaving, ending, off-road, cut-off, detour, wander,  memories, remembering, sober, travelling, tourist, disappointment, disillusionment, abandonment.



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