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Walk through the Door to A Potential Whole New Life | III Empress (Venus) | Weekly Tarot | 21 July 2021

Sage Weekly Tarot ReadingV Swords + IV Wands + Page Pentacles ~ Shadowed: III EmpressGolden Art Nouveau Tarot deck Personal Readings: Tarot appreciation Tip Jar: Tarot Website: Esoteric discussion safe space. Blessings ❤K Little Legs Dog and Cat Rescue Qld Inc cause is very close to my heart ❤ They rescue ALL […]

Truth within Nursery Rhyme? | VII Cups Fantasy | Sage Tarot Dream Discussion

The fantasy held within VII of Cups can be harnessed to create the reality we most desire in my humble Tarot reading opinion. Our Emotions are important within our own individual recipe’s for our earthly manifestations.

Where is our reality? How do we decide what is real? What the hell is reality? Is this world all a dream within a dream within another dream?

A well known nursery rhyme, involving rowing ones boat gently down a steam, may well contain the answer to this great dreaming conundrum. This nursery rhyme urges us all to be merry, indeed many times merry, as life is only but a dream…

Actually, many great nursery rhymes do seem to act as Truth gatekeepers, so utterly well disguised and unassuming, as all too often their content overlooked as childish sing-songs, hence ignored.

IV Swords ‘Truce’ Meditation and The Akashic Records

Would you invite a known thief into your home? Allowing this thief to blatantly steal your hard earned luxuries from right under your own nose? So why then do we allow insidious negative thoughts to make themselves comfortably at home within our own minds?

These thought nasties consume all our energy, leaving us feel powerless and robbing us of all the joy and happiness we should all enjoy.

The power to choose positivity is an authority within each one us. Choose wisely.

XIV Temperance (Sagittarius) ‘The Alchemy of Humanity’s Water & Wine’

XIV Temperance Major Arcana is a transformative alchemical card. Medieval alchemy was fundamentally concerned in transformation of the essence of things, usually from something base to something refined. The most obvious example is the attempt to turn lead into gold, but more broadly, alchemy can be understood as the attempt to purify and refine, not only with physical objects, but also esoterically and with the human soul itself.

Spiritually then, the alchemy of XIV Temperance concerns the transformation of the soul in this manner, specifically about taking parts of the soul and concentrating them into something wholly refined and beautifully unique.

VII Cups ‘Victory in Emotion’ Manifestation via Fantasy of Feelings

VII Cups is a very important card. The unique emotional power of fantasy found within Seven of Cups, when aligned in Truth with Source/God, I’ve deemed as one of the three essential ingredients to be harnessed in the alchemy of manifestation. Experiencing VII Cups feelings, and knowing the joy that will be yours again, once your fantasised hopes and earnest desires become realised materially in the physical realm is vital.

The emotional intensity enjoyed via visualisations, imagination, and fantasy found in the 7C seems to be the much sought after missing ‘key” (being pre-imagined emotional fulfilment) which bridges the enormous divide between intention/desire and actual material manifestation.

VII of Cups encourages us all to invest in our imaginations wisely in this way, and for this important purpose.
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Self Decoding our Dreams & the Fable of Time ~ Lost Dream Diary Chitchat

Delightedly, I recently stumbled upon an old dream diary, sparking many musings and reaffirming intuitive and spiritual notions of past.

Time holds no authority within my dreams (an external imposed and linear construct).

Past, present, and future all converge in dreaming, concentrating odd combinations of misplaced emotion with random events involving ridiculous capers (those forgotten and more yet-to-be) from all over my complete memory spectrum of this locked 3D linear timeline plus beyond, becoming all wholly one within my dreams.

XVI The Tower ‘Destructive Creation’ | Spiritual Sage Tarot Discussion

XVI The Tower ruled by both Aries and Scorpio, is a clear ‘course correction’ card and signals not being on your correct path. I see the Tower as being extremely merciful, showing the magnificence of God’s mercy by forcing us to “pull our heads in” and see Truth.

The severity of XVI Tower’s effects within our lives, seems to directly correspond with each’s own level of self-awareness, and exactly how far from Truth we have strayed…. Fire being potentially devastatingly destructive (Mars), or can purify being wholly cleansing (Pluto), with lessons to be learnt either side of the primal powers of Fire.

X Wheel of Fortune | Weekly Reading | Additional Musings Chitchat

Additional discussion with regard to X Wheel of Fortune’s influence over last weekly reading. WOF is ruled by the lucky and expansive planet of Jupiter, where it literally ‘Rains Diamonds’.

Jupiter’s lightning storms turn methane into soot aka carbon, which when it falls hardens into chunks of graphite and then diamond, thus ‘raining diamonds’ during Jupiter’s frequent storms.

Sage Tarot ~ A Spiritual Introduction

Sage Tarot ~ Spiritual Introduction + Energetic Integrity
Sage Tarot ~ Introduction + Tarot as Spiritual tool-of-trade

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